About fatmen

Where the fat men roam is a quest by fatmen for good food in the Brisbane CBD. We look at restaurants, places that pretend to be restaurants and other places to get our snouts into a trough. We consider value, quality, service, ambiance, size of trough and other factors important to fat men. We are fat men, we like our food and we particularly like good value. We promise not to pull punches…


22 thoughts on “About fatmen

  1. Thanks for the comments people, we are glad to be here. Now, Dr Dann, is that a professional opinion? Because I am on the lookout for a tolerant GP that is prepared to live on the edge a little.

  2. It’s definitely a professional opinion. Unfortunately for you fatman 2, I am a Dr of mathematics, so any GP work that I could offer would be basically guesswork.

    On another note, I believe I saw you guys today at what we QUT maths folk refer to as “dodgy chinese” (Pearl Bus)… can’t wait to hear your opinion!

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  4. I thought breakfast was a coffee and durry? Or at the most a smoothy from Boost Juice with the extras in it to offset the hangover. Will have a look around and see what other people do in the morning.

  5. Fatman 2, recompense me satisfactorily, to accommodate the lifestyle I deserve!!! Or I shall have to unmask you and reveal your true Fat identity!!

  6. Surely you don’t know me, if you did you would know that I can’t even recompense myself satisfactorily (especially a couple of days after pay day) let alone someone who cannot afford a proper email address.

  7. Mysteries abound Mr Fatman 2. Who are u and who am I? I am but just a simple noone out in blog land…but to unmask the Fatman 2 would be beyond comprehensible bliss! The Dark Knight shall one day reveal the true identity of the Fatman with double digits…who it seems only has taste buds for beef

  8. Dear simple noone,

    I shall leave the contents of my top draw in a brown envelope under the front seat of the next City Loop bus I am on, the next day-before-pay-day challenge is all yours! BTW – I literally have five cents in my top draw and some pasta in the fridge to reheat. It was my intention to review one of the more exclusive eateries in Brisbane, the kitchenette at work, as my next challenge but now that you have threatened to out me I will leave it with you to post. ps. I usually find that when you are begging for small change it is best to avoid sad stories and go straight to the closing question, hope you can improve on my five cents.

  9. Oh dear Fatman, you threaten gender crime. This is not on, I shall have to ride the Batmobile to the Anti-Discrimination board…..Robin, to the batcave..Holy Guacamole, with onion and a touch of curry added for flavour

  10. I too have discovered the true identity of the two fatmen. I can only hope that one day I will expand my girth to enable me to join the club.

  11. This blog is a dream come true. I’ve been exploring Brisbane eateries for some time but i cant find everything so this helps somewhat.

    My aim is similar, i look for value, variety, out of the ordinary [no chains for me please] and atmosphere.

    I must state that i like to look outside the usual and convenient routs. I have found some nice places outside of the CBD. Im a Landscape Architect and I like to walk around and check out the surrounding environment so i walk a lot. But the beauty of your method is it means everyone can access it so kudos

  12. MsMurphy,

    thanks for the feedback. The fatmen have gorged and seemed to go into hibernation after a bit of a feed. We haven’t stopped eating and will be posting some reviews in quick succession shortly, including my pursuit of the top five SE Asian meals for under $50 in the Brisbane CBD.

  13. Awwwww….I’m missing the fatmen. I really love your updates as do the rest of my family.

    We need to know how the CBD dining is going!!!

  14. guys…you really have no idea, you should be advertising where to get cheaps meals and crap coffee – and obviously if you regards campos as being a good coffee this confirms you really do have no idea…just look at your experience at Mad…did you wonder why you waited 6-7 minutes for a flat white? Please dont tell me you were surprised it was bitter…drink a short black(a real coffee) and then see how fast you run to the bathroom, if they werent too busy trying to make latte art you might get your coffee in 2013, go ask everyone in that building why they dont go to Aromas down the road…anyway continue on recomending rubbish cause thanks to people like you theres no hope for Brisbane :)

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